Securely Communicate by Text

Set up iHealthPay account and and add staff/users.

Use Office-Text Number to send and receive messages via Text

Patients receive and respond to messages via Text

Send patient appointment and payment notifications via Text

Use group text to send any information to all the patients or a group of patients

Collect Patient Dues Efficiently

Add or select a patient, post charges, and bill via Text

Patients receive a text message, view the statement, and pay directly online

Payment text reminders are sent periodically for all pending payments

A payment confirmation message is sent automatically for all payments

If patients have any questions, they can reply to the messages via Text and any staff/user can view and respond immediately.

Medical Billing Companies

Set up a separate iHealthPay account with a dedicated Office-Text Number for each Healthcare Provider. Healthcare Providers can also add the Billing Companies as one of the users. Both Healthcare Provider and the Billing Company can simultaneously access and use the iHealthPay account to post charges and bill & collect patient dues from anywhere and anytime.