How does iHealthPay help healthcare providers?

As the majority of the patients have deductible health plans, healthcare providers are forced to collect a greater portion of their fees from the patients. This poses a more significant challenge to the providers as it takes considerable effort and time to bill and collect patient payments, affecting cash flow. iHealthPay addresses and solves both of these critical issues faced by the healthcare providers.

Why iHealthPay?

With iHealthPay you can instantly bill and collect patient dues via Text and cut down the patient payment cycle time. Also, you can securely communicate with the patients via Text and reduce the number of missed and dropped phone calls due to busy phone lines.

Who can sign up for iHealthPay service?

Any healthcare entity in the US with an NPI Number can sign up for iHealthPay.

What is Office-Text Number?

An office-text Number is a dedicated number linked to the iHealthPay account for Text communication.

Can anyone in the office send and receive Text messages?

Yes, all the users added to the iHealthPay account can view, reply, and send text messages.

How do patients know the healthcare entity’s Office-Text Number?

Similar to your office phone and fax numbers, you can add Office-Text Number to your website, business cards, social media, and share it with all your patients.

Example:  If your text number is 999-999-9999, add Text: 999-999-9999 to your website and business cards.

Can we use the Office-Text Number for phone calls?

No, one of the main reasons for adding Office-Text Number is to engage patients via text messaging and reduce the time spent on phone calls. Your customers should call your primary phone number for voice calls.

Can we send group text message notifications?

Yes, you can send group text message notifications for event and promotions to any specific group of contacts.

Does iHealthPay support Health Savings Account payments?

Yes, you can accept all card payments, including HSA and FSA card payments.

Is there a provision to send automatic payment reminders?

Yes, payment reminder messages are sent automatically at predefined intervals until the payments are received.

Where are the funds deposited?

All the payments are deposited directly into the healthcare providers bank account.

Can a medical billing company use iHealthPay for billing patients?

Yes, a separate iHealthPay account should be set up for each healthcare entity, which can be simultaneously used by the billing company and the healthcare provider staff. All payments will be deposited directly into the health providers bank account.